My Twin Babies Prathiksha and Priyanka are studying in Upper Kinder Garden (UKG) at Velammal School,Chennai, India. I thought it would be useful if I put their rhymes and stories online  for them to study.

Prathiksha and Priyanka

There are 3 Video pod casts related to their Education.

Rhymes Part -1 ,Rhymes Part-2Stories

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Rhymes Part -1Rhymes Part-2 ,  Stories

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I hope this will be useful for all parents who have LKG & UKG Kids.

The Clever Cap-Seller

One day a poor cap-seller was so tired,that he went to sleep under a tree.While he slept,the monkeys opened his bundle of caps and wore them.

When the cap-seller awoke, he saw that the monkeys had stolen his caps.

Hey there, Those are my caps.

The monkeys only grinned and shook their fist at him.

These gave him a clever idea.

He threw his own cap on the ground.

All the monkeys then, threw their caps on the ground.

The cap-seller smiled to himself, collected his caps and tied them up in to his bundle, again.

Moral : There is always a way out of every difficulty.

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The Crow who Pretended

Once a crow saw a beautiful peacock."I will make myself as pretty as the peacock," said the foolish bird. So he collected many peacock feathers and stuck them on his body.Dear me! How funny he looked!

The proud peacocks took one look at him and said, "Does that foolish bird, really think he looks like us?"

The crows, who had always been his friends, took no notice of him.

At last, the crow knew how foolish he had been!

"Dear friends!" he said, "please forgive me and be my friends. I am quite happy to be a crow,again."

Moral: We must be content with what we are.

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The Fox and the Crow

One day a hungry fox saw a crow sitting on a tree, with a piece of cheese in his beak.

I must trick that bird and get the cheese

What a beautiful bird you are! I am sure you have a very sweet voice, too Won't you sing a song for me?

The foolish crow felt so proud of himself, that he opened his beak to sing. Down fell the cheese, and the clever fox ate it up and ran away, laughing to himslef.

Moral : Foolish pride always has a fall.

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The Lion and the Mouse

One day a lion was fast asleep, When a little mouse jumped on his nose and woke him up.

'How dare you wake me up!' he said to the mouse,'I will punish you by eating you up!'

'Oh, great king! said the little creature. 'I am so small! Let me go and I will help you one day!'The lion felt sorry for the mouse and let him go.

A few days later, the lion was caught in a hunter's net, and was roaring loudly. The little mouse heard him and ran to see what was the matter.

'Don't worry! Don't worry my friend!' said the little creature.'I will get you out!' The mouse nibbled the net and made a big hole in it.

Soon,the king of the jungle is free again.

Moral: No one is too small or too weak to help another.

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The Two Beggars

Two beggars used to sit near the temple- gates every day, to beg for

money and food. Ganpat was blind and could not see. Govind was lame and

could not walk.

One day,they heard that a rich man was having 'A Big Feast' for the


"Govind", said Ganpat,"I will carry on your back, if you will lead the


So Ganpat carried Govind on his back, and they both went to the feast.

How happy they were!

Moral : We must always try to help one another.

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